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hello magical reader, I hope you’re doing well! today I’m doing another book tag, this time to celebrate fall: the coziest and spookiest season of the year. I wasn’t tagged to do this book tag but here I am anyway! this book tag was originally from Sam’s Nonsense over on booktube, and I saw a few people do it on their blogs so I wanted to join. I also tried to answer the prompts with books that have, in my opinion, fall vibes!

crunching leaves – choose a book that has reds/oranges/yellows on the cover

is there another book out there that is more orange than Circe by Madeline Miller? I’m not sure… I haven’t read this book yet, but I have awesome news that I want to share! I am co-hosting an amazing bi-monthly book club with Kate @ Reading Through Infinity: the Sprayed Edges book club over on twitter! you’ve guessed it, Circe will be our first book pick which we’ll be reading in october and november. there will also be a live-show on youtube at the end! we are sooo excited to be reading this book with everyone, and we hope you can join us too!

cozy sweater – what book gives you the warm fuzzies?

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that is as cozy and heartwarming as The Starless Sea, while still being intriguing. the atmospheric underground library setting just gave the warmest fuzzies ever. the lyrical writing style is also gorgeous. I cannot wait to re-read it soon!

fall storm – choose a book or genre that you like to read on a stormy day

there is just something about spooky paranormal books that give me stormy night vibes. for this prompt, I couldn’t pick just one book, so I will recommend two instead. the first one is City of Ghosts. the eerie setting in Edinburgh, the ghosts (and the black cat), the mystery aspect… oh my god I love the Cassidy Blake series so freaking much and I cannot wait for book 3. next is Ninth House, with dark academia vibes, a murder mystery, and creepy black magic. I was so upset when I had finished this book so early after its release, because there’s still so much waiting to do before we get book 2!

cool crisp air – who’s the coolest character you’d want to trade places with?

at this point, you must all be so tired of seeing me talk about A Darker Shade of Magic. but not answering Lila Bard to this question would be lying. not only is she one of the coolest characters I’ve ever read about, but taking her place would also mean that I’d get to spend my days with Kell in Red London… aaaaah!!!

hot apple cider – what underhyped book do you want to see become the next biggest, hottest thing?

The Dark Tide is a new debut novel that was released in june. as someone active on book twitter, bookstagram, booktube and the blogging community, I haven’t seen many people talk about this book which makes me so so sad! it doesn’t even have that many ratings/reviews on goodreads. I personally rated it 5 stars, so I’d highly recommend everyone to read it! it’s also the perfect book for the spooky season because it has (sapphic!!!) witches on a small island. and even better: the writing is to die for.

coat, scarves, and mittens – what’s a book cover that you don’t like/want to cover up in public?

please don’t come for my neck (hahah get it? because this book has vampires? stupid joke, I know) but I don’t really like the cover of The Beautiful. I just find it too simplistic. that being said, this book is pretty high on my TBR priority list, especially for the fall. so even though I’m not the biggest fan of the cover, I am still sooo excited to read it soon! (I do like the cover of the 2nd book better by the way.)

pumpkin spice – what’s your favorite fall time comfort food?

I don’t like to bake and I hate coffee, so I don’t have one of those typical fall answers to give you, like pumpkin spice latte or apple toffee cake. but I do love Reese’s, and for some reason (the peanut butter? the orange packaging?) they make me think of fall… even though technically, I could eat them all year around.

warm, cozy bonfire – who do you tag?

  • Lauren and Becky @ Northern Plunder
  • Minna @ Minna’s Reading Corner
  • Tracy @ Truffle’s Literary Wonders
  • Kate @ Reading Through Infinity
  • Em @ Em’s Bookish Musings
  • you, if you want to!

have you read any of these books? what are your favorite fall reads?

thank you so much for reading, and until next time ♡

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